Maintenance Announcements

Please do not open the Email claiming to be from the 'IH2000 Support Team' (or any of our domains 'Support Team'). This is an exploit. We will never send email like that.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this trying time. If you still have an outstanding Email problem, please call again or use the Email Form to contact me. Response time should be greatly improved.
Attention all and TEX-IS.NET Email Account users. The IH2000 and Tex-is mail server (only those email accounts that end in and domain) will be moving. Click Here for more information as to what changes will be required to receive your email.

A Letter to our Customers

I have my new network in place. This is the LAST change for the Eonet Mail Server.
The server is moving to
If you used any of these POP3 servers,

please change to the new number

Mail Server Update Log